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    Bigby Street Dental Practice Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Audit October 2017

    The practice carries out an audit of patient satisfaction questionnaires every four months and below are the findings of this audit.

    Random patients from each dentist were asked to complete the questionnaire and they are then audited to look at any areas we need to address to improve our services to our patients.

    The audit mainly showed very positive results again highlighting that standards we provide are being maintained and improved in some areas.

    It also highlighted some areas which we had addressed on previous audits that had improved but which we still needed to address to maintain or improve standards in these areas.

    Some comments were left on the completed questionnaires. The comments were:
    • I am very happy with my dentist - Mrs Odukoya
    • No issues – very good service.
    • I am very satisfied with the service I have received over a long period of time.
    • This is my first appointment with the new male dentist. I was impressed and would see him again – put me at ease.
    The areas which we are addressing are:
    • The percentage of patients who completed the questionnaire who said they were given advice about their oral health had risen on this audit from 52% on the previous audit to 70% on this audit. We will discuss this in our next staff meeting and reiterate the need to ensure all patients are given oral health advice within their examination appointment. We will monitor this on our next audit to make sure this percentage does not fall but hopefully improves more.
    • On this audit 10% of the patients who completed the questionnaire said that they did not feel that the time they had to wait for an appointment was reasonable and it should have been a bit sooner. We always try to offer patients appointments as soon as possible but due to the high demand for early and late appointments this can increase the waiting time for these appointment times.
    I would like to thank all patients for completing the questionnaires in order to help us audit our services we provide our patients to help maintain, and also look at any areas we need to address to improve the standards we provide to our patients.

    Anne Westfield
    Practice Manager