Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Audit June 2016

The practice carries out an audit of patient satisfaction questionnaires every four months and below are the findings of this audit.

Random patients from each dentist were asked to complete the questionnaire and then they were audited to look at any areas we need to address to improve our services to our patients.

The audit showed very positive results highlighting that standards we provide to our patients are being maintained and improved in some areas.

It also highlighted some areas which we need to address to help raise the percentages achieved in all areas audited.

Some comments were made on the completed audits. The comments were:

“Very good service. Polite staff”

“Very friendly – felt very comfortable. Very pleased with the outcome”

“Terrified of dentists, but reassured and put at ease, everything that was happening fully explained”

“Very happy thanks”

“Excellent staff and well looked after at Brigg”

“I’ve always had excellent service. A good Dental Practice”

“All the staff are very friendly and helpful. A brilliant practice”

“For me, an excellent well organised practice”

“Very friendly and professional. Well done!”

The areas that we are addressing are:

A rise in standards:

On this audit 100% of the patients who completed the questionnaire said that they were offered advice when their next routine examination should be. This has shown that when completing the risk assessment for each patient to set their next recall interval that this is being routinely discussed and agreed with the patient.

I would like to thank all patients for their help in completing these questionnaires in order to help us audit the services we provide to our patients to help maintain and also improve our standards we provide to them.

Anne Westfield
Practice Manager

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